Date with Duke

Yesterday after my unfortunate accident I had an amazing night with Duke. We had been planning to go to this theme park this saturday for weeks now.

This is the same theme park where we first met, except for the fall season the park had been converted to halloween theme. We drove down during the afternoon so we could get on some rides before the crowd came. We got in and rode a ride called the Extreme Swing, it was awesome it gave me the stomach drops without getting my adrenaline going so it felt cool. After that we walked around the park looking for other rides.

We eventually decided to leave the park to go out to eat at Famous Dave’s. We kind of got lost trying to get there but we made it and had some really good BBQ pork sandwiches. Thing is we had to get back to the park before 7 to get readmitted. So we gobbled up dinner and I sped down the highway at 15 miles over the speed limit. Edgey….just kidding but the line to park was so long that I needed to get out and run the last half mile to get in in time so Duke had to drive my car.

My car is a stick shift. Duke’s car is a stick shift. No problem right? Wrong he couldn’t get it started (which I thought was kinda cute) so we held up the line a bit but eventually got my car going. He learned fast. So I ran in and he parked because he had a season pass so he didn’t really have to worry about the 7 deadline.

Finally, we met up and wanted to get scared. So we decided to go through all of the horror themed mazes. An Asylum, and Carnival, a haunted farm, a Meat cutting shop, etc. It was great, the park really went all out with the themes and actors. They scared us a few times. But my favorite part was holding Duke’s hand through it all.

We even held hands outside of the mazes. Some people commented on us. Surprisingly, a lot of people were saying things like “You guys make it possible”, and “Here’s to you guys” which I’m pretty sure was a good thing. We even had a little girl ask us why we were holding hands, Duke just kinda shouted back as we were moving through the crowd, “It’s because we’re gay!” I liked that, being open with complete strangers.

Eventually it began to rain. We tried getting a ice cream to split but it turned out to be a icey smoothie that we tossed but I think Duke still appreciated the gesture. We started getting cold so we decided to go back to my house.

Cold from the park we drove to my house quickly. I quick told my parents who were sleeping that Duke and I got home. They just nodded and we went upstairs to my room and talked a lot. And cuddled, lots of cuddling 🙂 It was awesome warming up with him. I felt invincible with happiness. It was great, we both wished that he could’ve stayed and just slept together on my tiny twin mattress.

However, Duke needed to get home so at 12 we got into my car, and drove to his car which was at his school (So his parents couldn’t track his car). We kissed goodbye and drove our separate ways home. It was magical. I look forward to our next date, possibly next week? We both have a 4-day weekend. Fingers crossed 🙂

Once again thanks guys for reading it means a lot!


8 thoughts on “Date with Duke

  1. ok .. andrew.. first of all.. u r not terrible at writing.. so please don’t stop no matter what. I am joão n I am 27th n u remind me of myself at ur age, god time flies… I wish I had that spark (duke) like u who made me start writing.. I actually did but somehow I didn’t start writing n now I have 7 years of story to catch up… oh god.

    I really liked ur blog n ur date, it actually made me want to cry because I used to believe in things as simple as cuddling in the room with “my duke”… it happened, but it last for a short period, anyway. when u get hurt u get grumpy n lose faith in things a bit. just like… I am really happy for u. my blog is not so interesting like urs… well, different public n subjects I would say. but if u want to read some erotic tales, feel free.

    I will come here more often n try n see if u show me where I hid my own faith… 🙂

  2. Ah how things have changed in a short while. Back in 2000, my boyfriend (at the time, now my husband) and I were at Six Flags over St. Louis. While in line to ride The Beast, we held hands. A couple of corn-fed meatheads noticed and started saying stuff like “dicks are for chicks”.

    I just smiled and blew ’em a kiss.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I’m enjoying your blog. I saw the link over at Sam I Am’s and thought I’d check it out.

    All the best,

  3. There’s actually a couple of vids on YT where guys object to being given props for holding hands in public – the theory being that we should expect and demand to be treated exactly like hetero couples (no bid deal). They sometimes go so far as to say such comments are as bad as homophobic, bullying comments. When I was your age, holding hands with a guy was inconceivable. I missed that whole part of my life – and you never get it back. So please do hold hands, hug, be a happy couple – and don’t mind if you get a smile or thumbs up or “way to go” from a stranger.

    • I agree that society shouldn’t have to give us props but I still appreciate the gesture they make because in our current society what I did isn’t what society is used to. I think they should, so I’m not letting up on the holding hands and hugging, it’s time society learns that two men can have a loving legitimate relationship!

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